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Design and implementation of Automotive wiring harness detection system

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In today's era, China's Automotive wiring harness inspection system is still in the initial development stage, especially in terms of functionality and humanization, which still have many shortcomings. Therefore, it is of great significance to develop a complete Automotive wiring harness inspection system according to the needs of my country's automobile production. Next, let us understand the design and implementation of the Automotive wiring harness detection system. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

Hardware configuration.

The software structure of the system.

Hardware configuration.

The hardware for the production of Automotive wiring harnesses mainly includes programmable controllers (PLC), pneumatic fixtures, machines that use air to compress, corresponding electromagnetic reversing valves, and so on. For the stent material, its main role in the product is supported, so the factors to be considered in the selection are low price, strong practicability, and easy processing. For pneumatic fixtures, the most cost-effective product should be selected according to the characteristics of the object to be tested. For an electromagnetic reversing valve, since its most important function is to control the movement of the cylinder, it is necessary to fully consider factors such as quality, volume, and life when selecting a product.

The system formed by the hardware circuit needs to perform two basic tests of on-off and insulation resistance. For continuity testing, the main items to be tested include open circuit, misalignment, short circuit, and poor contact. The inspection of insulation is mainly the insulation between the Automotive wiring harness and wire, Automotive wiring harness, and connector.

Automotive wiring harness

The software structure of the system.

The software of the system is mainly designed from PC and PLC. Among them, the main function of the PC is to send and receive data, and to compare the acquired data with the data in the established database to determine the location of the fault. At the same time, the judgment result is displayed in real-time through the display. As the most important core part of the Automotive wiring harness detection system, PLC not only needs to be able to reliably detect all Automotive wiring harnesses but also needs to process the acquired data in real-time to determine the operating status of the system.

The following is a brief introduction to the basic steps of the detection: When detecting the Automotive wiring harness, the power should be turned on first to ensure that the system is waiting. At this time, the green indicator on the hardware circuit flashes. When the green light is flashing, but the wiring harness into the designed system and insert it into the positioning slot. At this time, the thin air cylinder clamps the Automotive wiring harness. Start testing and store the results obtained. When the Automotive wiring harness is inspected, the cylinder is in a loose state, and the wiring harness is taken out. At this time, the PC will inspect and compare the obtained results and judge. If the green indicator light is on, it indicates that the Automotive wiring harness is not faulty, otherwise, it indicates that the wiring harness is faulty.

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