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​Considerations for new energy vehicle wiring harness

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As the safety, comfort and environmental requirements of modern automobiles continue to improve, the number of circuits and power consumption in automobiles has increased significantly. In this article, we will focus on the arrangement of the wiring harness and provide an overview of the considerations for the arrangement of the new energy vehicle wiring harness.

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Reasonable arrangement of wire harness

Neat appearance

Wire harnesses avoid interference with surrounding parts

Reasonable arrangement of wire harness

According to the actual installation position of the new energy vehicle wiring harness on the vehicle, in order to avoid low hanging and shifting of the wire harness, considering the weight of the wire harness, the fixing method, and the convenience of the fixing position, the wire harness must have sufficient and reasonable fixing points and fixing methods for fixing.

According to the direction of the new energy vehicle wiring harness, the specific shape of the body set fixed points, in a straight line without pivot point distance between the two fixed points is generally not more than 300mm. In the obtuse corner, the position can be arranged a fixed point; in the right-angle corner point need to be arranged two fixed points; sharp corner point in the wire harness to avoid.

new energy vehicle wiring harness

Neat appearance

Wire harness arrangement should be along the edge, along with the slot (the body design of the alignment slot). Avoid direct pressure on the wire harness. No wire harnesses should be exposed in the cab. Set up eye-catching attraction points or eye-catching colors in the position where the wire harness can be observed, and the wire harness installed here is not prominent and conspicuous. Arrangement in the projection direction, according to the horizontal and vertical checkerboard arrangement, avoids diagonal arrangement. The gap with the pipeline is even, and the gap with the surrounding parts is reasonable.

Wire harnesses avoid interference with surrounding parts

Do not directly contact with the sharp edge of the body, one to leave a gap, and the other to increase protection to avoid damage to the external insulation layer of the wiring harness by the sharp edge of the body, leading to short circuit accidents. When installed on the vibration of moving parts, the length should be reserved according to the actual situation. This reserved length is determined according to the vibration amplitude of the part and the maximum movement stroke of the moving parts. Make sure that the reserved length is such that no vibration is transmitted to the harness and no tension is applied to the harness. If a new energy vehicle wiring harness is subjected to vibration transmission or tension for a long time, it may lead to a false connection between the terminals of the contacts/plugs inside the harness.

In the installation of the new energy vehicle wiring harness once improperly installed, production costs will climb, and cannot be expected to recover costs. Therefore, there are several factors that must be weighed in the decision-making process. Our company adopts modern enterprise management methods, based on product quality management, and wins full trust and praise from customers with excellent quality, novel design, reasonable price, and perfect after-sales service.


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