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Agricultural machinery refers to all kinds of machinery used in the process of crop planting and animal husbandry production, as well as in the initial processing and processing of agricultural and livestock products, and belongs to the category of agricultural machinery.
AutomotiveIt acts like a human neural network, and the purpose is to transmit electrical signals and electricity to various systems in the vehicle.
It is a general term for processing and bundling wires, connectors, power distribution devices, etc.
Construction Machinery
Construction Machinery​​​​​​​
There are many types of construction machinery, which are mainly divided into: excavating machinery, soil shovel and transportation machinery, hoisting machinery, compaction machinery, reinforced concrete machinery, rock drilling machinery and so on.
Home Appliance
Home Appliance
Home wiring harnesses include: washing machine wiring harness, air conditioner wiring harness, water dispenser wiring harness, rice cooker wiring harness, electric kettle wiring harness, microwave oven wiring harness and so on.