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​Branches and terminals for new energy vehicle harnesses

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There are many materials used in the manufacture of new energy vehicle wiring harnesses, including branches and terminals. These two parts are essential in the manufacture of wiring harnesses. These two parts are introduced in detail below.

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The branch of new energy vehicle wiring harnesses is a wire that has been cut and crimped by a wire cutting machine and is called a branch. Each branch circuit has a branch circuit number, which is usually a mixture of numbers and letters. When inserting terminals, the branch number is used as the basis for the operation. The existence of the branch is divided into the following ways

Single branch (two ends of the crimp terminal).

Articulated branch (one end crimped terminal or no terminal only peeled to participate in the articulation of two articulation points).

Parallel branch (two or more branches and connected to a terminal). There are mainly 2-3 branches.

Stranded branch (two or more branches by stranding machine stranded together, 33-55 stranded flowers / m, (50MM at the end of the terminal with PVC points wrapped). Commonly known as twisted wire.

new energy vehicle wiring harnesses


The terminal of new energy vehicle wiring harnesses is a metal contact crimped on the branch. Terminals are divided into male terminals and female terminals according to the structure. Terminal heads with holes belong to the female terminals, such as square terminals, round hole terminals. And pointed terminals and sheet terminals belong to the male terminals. Male terminals plug into male connectors, female terminals plug into female connectors, and through the docking, to achieve circuit conduction. The ring terminal is a special terminal, which is usually fixed to the body with a dowel. It is usually fixed to the body with a dowel. This type of terminal has special requirements. The terminals are divided into ordinary terminals and gold-plated terminals according to their temperature resistance. Terminals are also divided into terminals without sealing plugs and terminals with sealing plugs). Crimping of terminals is divided into automatic crimping and manual crimping. Automatic crimping is divided into ordinary terminals and sealing plug terminal crimping. And manual crimping is generally crimped sealing plug terminals and special terminals (large terminals, ring ends, parallel terminals, etc.).

The important parameters of the terminal are the conductor crimp height, width. Insulation crimp height, width. Measurement of the terminal conductor and insulation of the crimp height, width, using a pointed micrometer measurement. An important characteristic of the terminal is the tension value. Generally, use a tension tester to measure. If any part of the terminal does not meet the requirements, such as no brush, no window, the flare is too large, etc., is a terminal deformation. If the terminal deformation and does not meet the crimping parameters, then it is not qualified terminals.

The new energy vehicle wiring harnesses are indispensable system-level parts in the whole car, its role is to provide and distribute power for the whole car system while acting as a medium of signal transmission between various parts. As you can imagine, good quality new energy vehicle wiring harnesses are very important.


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