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​A little guide to public transportation harnesses

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A public transportation harness consists of wires, connectors, harness wraps, harness retainers (snaps, rubber parts, harness brackets, etc.), and harness accessories. So let me tell you what a public transportation harness consists of!

Here is the content list:

  • Wires

  • Connectors

  • Wire Harness Wraps

  • Wire harness fixings

  • Harness Accessories


The wire is the main component of the public transportation harness, usually called the wire, is the main part of the harness, its role is mainly to carry the current required by the load. The important parameter of the wire is the current-carrying capacity. The current-carrying capacity of the wire is affected by the wire diameter (cross-sectional area of the wire conductor), the wire length, the resistivity of the conductor, and the ambient temperature.

public transportation harness


Connectors are also called connectors, CONNECTOR, or splicers. Connectors are indispensable components for connecting public transportation harnesses to other electrical equipment and are divided into harness end connectors and appliance end connectors. We often hear the male connector (referred to as the male end) and the female connector (referred to as the female end), where the male terminal is located in the connector is called the male connector, the female terminal is located in the connector is called the female connector, we harness end is usually the female connector. For the wiring harness, the connector is a more precise part, to ensure the connection performance of the wiring harness assembly and electrical equipment, male and female connectors are generally required to be used in sets, that is, choose the same manufacturer with a set of connectors, for the important parts of the car and safety parts, such as airbags, ABS, this is very important. Connectors from the major categories can be divided into waterproof, non-waterproof type two categories. At the beginning of the design, according to the size of each PIN pin need to carry current, the selection of different widths of the PIN pin, followed by the formation of the connector to accommodate different PIN pin chambers, thus forming a housing for multiple PINs.

Wire Harness Wraps

The main function of the public transportation harness wrap is to protect the harness. Depending on the material of the wrap, the types of wrap mainly include bellows, PVC tape, cloth-based tape, fleece tape, sponge tape, and aluminum foil tape. Due to the different materials, the material characteristics of different wraps are not consistent, and accordingly, their application conditions and methods on the wiring harness assembly are also inconsistent. The specific selection should be based on the specific use environment of the wiring harness and its wear resistance and heat resistance.

Wire harness fixings

Unlike other parts of the car, the public transportation harness is a flexible part, the harness can not be sent following the established shape of the sample, so to restrain the harness on the entire vehicle layout path, you need to add additional parts to fix the harness, these additional parts are harness fixings, which play a role in fixing the harness and restrain the harness layout path. Wire harness fixings include ties, snaps, rubber sheaths, harness brackets, etc. Depending on the installation environment of the harness, such as the installation space of the harness, the temperature requirements, the requirements of the waterproof, the form and material of each harness fixing is not consistent, even so, the harness fixing also shows a trend of standardization, but also the harness platform selection is one of the easier to achieve parts

Harness Accessories

Public transportation harness attachments are other smaller products on the harness assembly, such as product labels on the harness assembly, fuse clips, etc.

So do you now know the components of a public transportation harness? I hope this little article has helped you!


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