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​A little guide to public transportation harnesses
13 January 2022

A little guide to public transportation harnessesA public transportation harness consists of wires, connectors, harness wraps, harness retainers (snaps, rubber parts, harness brackets, etc.), and harness accessories. So let me tell you what a public transportation harness consists of! Here is the co

Manufacturing of Custom Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies
28 July 2021

Types of snowboards: Before buying snowboards, you must understand that the board will be divided into roughly three types (all-around board, park board, mountain board)

Our goal is to offer you a complete solution for all your wire harnesses
23 July 2021

Guangzhou City Youye Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in fabrication and manufacturing of Custom Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies. Founded in 1995, Youye is in the cable assemblies for OEM markets worldwide over more than 26 years. Our products are widely used in automotive, public transport, moto