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Composition Of Wiring Harness
Nov 02, 2018

1.In order to facilitate the installation, maintenance, to ensure that the electrical equipment can work in the harshest conditions, the entire vehicle electrical equipment used by different specifications, different colors of the wire through reasonable arrangements, the combination of the wires and insulating materials into bundles, so that both complete and reliable.

2. Wire cross-sectional area and normal selection of color standard

1) Correct selection of wire cross-sectional area The electrical equipment on the vehicle chooses the cross-sectional area of the wire used according to the load current.

Long-term electrical equipment can be used to select 60% of the actual capacity of the wire, electrical equipment for a short period of time to use the actual load of electric wire 60%-100%.

2) Selection of wire color standard

For easy identification and maintenance, the wires in the wire harness are in different colors.

In order to make it easy to label in the circuit diagram, the color of the conductors is denoted by letters, and the color represented in each circuit diagram has a note.