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What are the categories of Connectors?

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Connectors are electrical components that are often used in our various life scenes. They are also called socket plugs, connectors in China. As a connecting device for electrical appliances, Connectors have become an indispensable part of electronic equipment. According to different usage scenarios and different application objects, Connectors are also divided into many styles and types. So what are the types of Connectors? Here are some answers.

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Connectors are divided into BTB connectors, FPC connectors, FFC connectors, RF connectors, etc.

According to the use, shape, structure, and performance of Connectors to classify.


Connectors are divided into BTB connectors, FPC connectors, FFC connectors, RF connectors, etc.

BTB connectors and FPC connectors ought to be tested when assembly. The shrapnel micro-needle module can be connected stably, and it has a reliable solution in terms of transmitting current and signal. It's appropriate to take a look at the affiliation module. BTB Connectors are currently the connector products with the strongest transmission capacity among all connector product types. They are mainly used in power systems, communication networks, financial manufacturing, elevators, industrial automation, medical equipment, office equipment, home appliances, military manufacturing, and other industries. FPC (generally speaking, is a PCB made of flexible materials) connectors are used to connect the LCD to the drive circuit (PCB), mainly 0.5mm pitch products.

FFC connectors are flexible flat cable Connectors. It's a brand new sort of knowledge cable product of PET insulation material and intensely skinny preserved flat copper wire, that is laminated through the assembly line of sophisticated automation instrumentation. It's versatile, flexible, and versatile. Skinny thickness, small size, straightforward affiliation, convenient activity, simple to unravel magnetism shielding (EMI).

The naming of RF homocentric Connectors consists of 2 parts: the most name code and also the structure code, separated by a splash "-" within the middle. Main designation code the main designation code of the radio frequency connector adopts the main designation code commonly used in the world. The naming of different structural forms of specific products is specified by the detailed specification, and the structure form represents the structure of the radio frequency connector.

According to the use, shape, structure, and performance of Connectors to classify.

Connectors do not have a fixed classification, it is generally classified according to use, shape, structure, and performance! In terms of purpose, Connectors are divided into mobile phone connectors, power connectors, high-voltage connectors, automotive connectors, aviation connectors, high-speed signal connectors, optical fiber connectors, etc. If divided consistently with the form, Connectors square measure divided into four types: circular connectors, rectangular connectors, bar connectors, and D-type connectors. Among them, circular connectors and rectangular connectors square measure the foremost common! Connectors are divided into threaded connectors, in-line connectors, card lock connectors, push-pull connectors, and bayonet connectors according to the structure!

There are many types of Connectors, and there is no fixed classification. The above are the more common types of Connectors. Of course, there are more than these types. As for other types of Connectors divided into different types of installation methods, special performances, etc. There are many other types of Connectors, which are not listed here!

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