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Related design information of Automotive wiring harness

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Automotive wiring harnesses are important components of automotive circuits. At present, regardless of whether it is a high-end luxury car or an economical ordinary car, the form of the wiring harness is the same, which is composed of wires, connectors, and wrapping tape. Next, let us understand the relevant design information of the Automotive wiring harness. Here are some answers.

Automotive wiring harness

Here is the content list:

l The design trend of Automotive wiring harness.

l The design process of Automotive wiring harness.

The design trend of Automotive wiring harness.

The Automotive wiring harness in the whole vehicle is used to transmit or exchange the power signal or data signal of the electrical system to realize the functions and requirements of the electrical system. As people's requirements for safety, comfort, economy, and emission of automobiles increase, Automotive wiring harnesses become more and more complex, but the space given to the wiring harness by the body is getting smaller and smaller. Therefore, how to improve the overall performance design of Automotive wiring harnesses has become the focus of attention, and the pre-development, lightweight, and structural optimization of Automotive wiring harness designs will become an inevitable trend.

The design process of Automotive wiring harness.

The first is that the electrical layout engineer provides the functions of the entire vehicle electrical system, electrical loads, and related special requirements, as well as the state of the electrical components, the installation location, and the form of docking between the Automotive wiring harness and the electrical components. Second, draw the electrical schematic diagram and circuit diagram of the whole vehicle according to the electrical functions and requirements. Third, according to the electrical principle circle, the energy distribution of each electrical subsystem and circuit, including the grounding line of the power supply, and the distribution of the grounding point. Fourth, according to the distribution of the electrical components of each subsystem, determine the wiring form of the Automotive wiring harness, the electrical components connected to each wiring harness, and the direction on the automobile, determine the outer protection form of the wiring harness and the protection of the vias. Determine the fuse or circuit breaker according to the electrical load. Then determine the wire diameter according to the amount of fuse or circuit breaker. According to the function of the electrical device, the wire color of the wire is determined according to the relevant standards. According to the connector of the electrical device itself, determine the model of the terminal and the sheath on the wire harness that is connected to it. Fifth, draw a two-dimensional wiring harness diagram and a three-dimensional wiring harness layout diagram. Sixth, check the two-dimensional wiring harness diagram according to the approved three-dimensional wiring harness layout. The two-dimensional wiring harness diagram is accurate and correct before issuing the diagram, and it will be trial-produced and produced after approval.

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