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Introduction of wire harness costs for public transportation wiring harnesses

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Public transportation wiring harnesses are generally assembled from plastic parts, terminals, wires, line protectors, rubber parts, brackets, fixings, and other attachments (including tape, sleeves) by certain process steps. If the cost of raw materials for wiring harnesses to do the proportion of the plateau, then the wire, plastic parts, terminals, these three types of material costs are the largest part of the proportion. The raw materials of the wiring harness are mainly purchased parts, the main method to control the raw material cost is through the standardization and VALVE method to optimize the three parts of the wire, plastic parts, terminals, the cost of raw materials. The cost of the wiring harness is mainly material cost and production cost. Using calculation method and benchmarking method to analyze and investigate the composition of the cost of automotive wiring harness parts, and obtain the measurement cost method of automotive wiring harness parts to improve the accuracy of the cost analysis of automotive wiring harness parts. With a clear understanding of the product composition and production process of the automotive wiring harness, we can calculate and analyze all types of cost elements by calculating and analyzing the product parts and product structure of the public transportation wiring harness, as well as the cost of each component using the calculation and analysis method. Now the cost of automotive wiring harnesses includes raw material costs, manufacturing costs, and other costs of three parts. So let me give you a detailed introduction!

Here is the content list:

Material cost

Manufacturing cost

Other Costs

public transportation

Material Costs

Based on the design requirements of the public transportation wiring harnesses, the product engineer will design the wiring harness product drawings and determine the wiring harness bill of materials from the perspective of material selection/direction/performance. The material cost of each harness is determined by the product design department's bill of materials and the purchasing department's confirmation of the unit price of the purchased parts, as well as by the sales model ratios and annual production forecasts. The product design decision in this process will directly affect the raw material cost of the harness.

Manufacturing Costs

After the analysis of the process product production, the manufacturing process of the automotive wiring harness mainly includes the open wire process, crimping process, pre-assembly process, final assembly, and testing. The cost of public transportation wiring harnesses is closely related to the planning of the process production steps, such as whether to set up pre-assembly work, ultrasonic stations placed in general assembly or pre-assembly do, the placement of the material box, etc. will directly affect the cost of wire harness production. Wire harness process design is related to the investment of equipment, personnel, and site planning, the whole process design is based on a goal, that is, how to improve production efficiency and maximize the utilization of existing equipment, sites, and personnel.

Other Costs

Other costs for public transportation wiring harnessesinclude administrative costs, development support costs, and additional transportation costs. When budgeting at the beginning of a project, the cost of raw materials plus manufacturing costs is usually estimated by multiplying them by the appropriate factor. Other Costs = (Raw Material Cost + Manufacturing Cost) * Coefficients Summing up the three main types of costs calculated, the cost of the harness is obtained. Compared to the benchmarking method, the results of the calculation method are relatively accurate, but it takes a longer time.

So through my little introduction, do you understand the cost composition of Public transportation wiring harnesses? I hope my introduction will be helpful to you!


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