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  • Introduction To The Function Of Automobile Wiring Harness
    In the modern automobile, the automobile wiring harness is very many, the electronic control system and the wiring harness have the close relation.
  • Basic Introduction Of Automotive Wiring Harness
    This only refers to the general car, the key to see the maximum current value of the load, such as the battery of the wire, the positive power line is dedicated to the use of automotive wire, their wi
  • Selection Of Wire Harness Materials
    The copper of the terminal material (copper parts) is mainly brass and bronze (the hardness of brass is slightly lower than that of bronze), in which brass occupies a larger proportion.
  • Classification Of Wiring Harness
    According to the different structure, divided into the full utilization of the wiring harness, part of the use of the wiring harness and link system
  • Process Production Of Wire Harness
    The accuracy of the involute process is directly related to the entire production schedule, in the case of errors, especially the short size of the involute, will lead to rework all stations, time and
  • Wiring Harness Functions
    Someone once played an image of the analogy: a microcomputer equivalent to the human brain, sensor equivalent sensory organs, the implementation of components equivalent to the motor tube, then the wi
  • Materials For Wiring Harness
    Including its electrical properties, material emission, temperature resistance, and so on, are more than the general requirements of the wire harness, especially the safety requirements are more strin
  • Inspection Of Wire Harness
    The standard of wire harness is mainly by calculating its crimp rate, the calculation of the crimp rate needs to pass the special instrument, the wire Harness cross
  • Testing And Judging Of Wiring Harness
    In the circuit of the power system, which point to take the iron, the wire bundle burns to where, its burn-in and intact parts of the junction, it can be thought that the wire with iron, if the wire b
  • Failure Of The Wiring Harness
    The common faults of the automobile line are: The mating parts are in bad contact, the short circuit between the wires, the circuit breaker, the iron and so on.
  • Composition Of Wiring Harness
    In order to facilitate the installation, maintenance, to ensure that the electrical equipment can work in the harshest conditions, the entire vehicle electrical equipment used by different specificati