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Wiring Harness Functions
Nov 02, 2018

In modern automobiles, electronic control systems are closely related to wire harnesses.

Someone once played an image of the analogy: a microcomputer equivalent to the human brain, sensor equivalent sensory organs, the implementation of components equivalent to the motor tube, then the wiring harness is nerves and blood vessels. The automobile harness is divided into functions, there are two kinds of lines which carry the power of driving actuators (actuator) and the input signal of transmission sensor.

A power line is a coarse wire that transports large currents, while a signal line is a thin wire (optical fiber communication) that does not carry electricity. In the motor, the execution element with a wire cross-sectional area of 0.85, 1.25mm2, and the power circuit with a wire cross-sectional area of 2, 3, 5mm2, and special circuit (starter, alternator, engine grounding wire, etc.) 8, 10, 15, 20mm2 different specifications. The choice of wire, in addition to considering the electrical performance, but also by the physical properties of the vehicle when the constraints. For example, the frequent open/close doors on a taxi and the wires that cross the body should be made up of conductors with good flexural properties.

In recent years, the electromagnetic shielding line used in the weak signal circuit has been increasing. With the increase of the function of the automobile, the general application of the electronic control technology, the number of circuits and the power consumption of the automobile increase significantly, the wire harness becomes more and more heavy, how to make a large number of wire harness in the limited car space more efficient and reasonable layout, so that the automobile wiring harness to play a larger function, has become the problem faced by