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Testing And Judging Of Wiring Harness
Nov 02, 2018

1) detection and judgment of the failure of wiring harness burnout

In the circuit of the power system, which point to take the iron, the wire bundle burns to where, its burn-in and intact parts of the junction, it can be thought that the wire with iron, if the wire bundle burned to the wiring of an electrical equipment, it indicates that the electrical equipment failure.

2) detection and judgment of short circuit, open circuit, bad contact fault between lines

-The wiring harness is externally extruded and impacted, causing damage to the insulation of the wires in the wire harness, resulting in a short circuit between the wires.

When judging, the electrical equipment and the control switch can be opened at both ends of the wiring harness connector, with a meter or test light to detect the circuit of the line. -Wire Break fault, in addition to the obvious fracture phenomenon, the common fault often occurs between the conductor and the conductor terminal. Some wires are broken, the outer insulating layer and the conductor terminal are intact, but the wire inner core wire and the conductor terminal have been open-circuit.

Judgment, can be suspected of the circuit-breaker conductive wire and wire terminal pull test, in the tensile test process, such as the gradual thinning of the conductor insulation, can confirm that the wire has been broken. -Bad line contact, fault occurs in the connector. When the fault occurs, the electrical equipment will not work properly.

When judging, connect to the electrical equipment power, touch or pull the relevant plug of the electrical equipment, when touching a plug, the electrical equipment work suddenly normal, abnormal, indicating that the connector is faulty.