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Process Production Of Wire Harness
Nov 02, 2018

The first working station in wire harness production is the process of involute.

The accuracy of the involute process is directly related to the entire production schedule, in the case of errors, especially the short size of the involute, will lead to rework all stations, time and effort to affect production efficiency.

The second position after the wire is the crimping process, according to the requirements of the terminal type to determine the crimp parameters, the production of crimping operation Manual, for the need for special requirements in the process documents annotated and training operators. Then is the pre-assembly process, first of all to prepare the pre-assembled process operating instructions, in order to improve the efficiency, complex wiring harness to set the pre-assembled station.

If the pre-assembled part of the assembly is small or the assembly of the lead path unreasonable will increase the workload of the total assembly staff. The final step is the final assembly process.

According to the Assembly board designed by the Product development Department, the design of tooling equipment, material box size and the number of all the assembly sheath and accessories affixed to the material box to improve assembly efficiency. The electronic technology content and quality of automobile wiring harness is becoming an important index to evaluate automobile performance. Automobile manufacturers should pay special attention to the choice of wire harness, and it is necessary to understand the process and production of automobile wiring harness.