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Materials For Wiring Harness
Nov 02, 2018

Automotive wiring harnesses are also very stringent in material requirements:

Including its electrical properties, material emission, temperature resistance, and so on, are more than the general requirements of the wire harness, especially the safety requirements are more stringent.

1, the engine ambient temperature is high, corrosive gases and liquids are also more, therefore, the engine wiring harness wire must use high temperature resistance, oil resistance, vibration resistance, friction resistance wire.

2, the wire used in the automatic transmission is hydraulic oil resistance, high temperature, good temperature stability of the wire.

3, the luggage compartment lid on the wire harness to maintain its elasticity at low temperature, so the use of cold-elastic wire to ensure its normal work.

4, weak signal sensor to use shielded wire.

5, ABS wiring Harness assembly using 150-200 ℃ high temperature, external protection insulation layer hard, wear-resistant, but the wire core to more than 133 stranded conductors. 6, power lines such as starter alternator output line for the battery wire used for the high-current insulation can withstand good thermal performance, voltage reduction of the special wire.