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The handset market of the connector
Nov 02, 2018

The connector is one of the most important devices on the phone, on average, the number of connectors required for each handset reaches 8. According to the CODA study report, during 2010-2015, global smartphone shipments will reach 2.5 billion, with an annual CAGR of 24%. Data show that in the first quarter of 2010, China's 3G mobile phone sales reached 6.113 million, the chain increased by up to 65.97%. With the development of the mobile phone market continues to be good.

Mobile phone connector market will continue to the trend upward. ·

The types of connectors used in mobile phones are divided into internal FPC connectors and board-to-board connectors, externally connected I/O connectors, and battery, SIM card connectors, and Camera sockets. · Affected by 3G mobile phone and smartphone demand market, the current development direction of mobile phone connector is: low height, small pitch, multifunction, good electromagnetic compatibility, standardization and customization coexist