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Name of the connector model
Nov 02, 2018

The designation of the connector model is the basis for customer sourcing and manufacturer organization production. In the connector industry at home and abroad, the name of the product model has two ideas: one is the letter code plus the number of methods, and strive to name in the model to reflect the main structural characteristics of the product. The benefits of this approach are easy to identify, but the arrangement is too long, too complex, and with the miniaturization of the connectors, printing brings many difficulties. At present, this method is still popular in China, and it is stipulated in some industry standards and even national standard, such as sj2298-83 (printed circuit connector), sj2297-83 (rectangular connector), sj2459-84 (ribbon cable connector), GB9538-88 (ribbon cable connector) and so on. Due to the increasing diversification of the connector structure, it is more and more difficult to cover a class of connectors with a naming convention in practice. Another way of thinking is to use the Arabic numeral combination. The benefits of this approach are simple, easy Computer Management and logo printing for small products. This approach is currently used by major international connector manufacturers. It can be expected that a naming scheme by manufacturers to reflect their own characteristics will gradually replace the rule of naming rules by the whole industry under the planned economic system.