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Consumer Markets for connectors
Nov 02, 2018

Research shows that the market for consumer electronics games, MP3, mobile phones, LCD TVs, digital cameras and other demand-driven, the performance continues to rise. In-stat pointed out that the 2014 global TV set-top box market value will reach $1.3 billion.

According to the DisplaySearch survey, Global television shipments will exceed 242 million units in 2010, up 15% from a year earlier, and expect to exceed 260 million units by 2014. China's connector industry for the full realization of market-oriented competition, the enterprises to operate independently. International market, the top ten manufacturers of connectors in the United States, Japan, France, Taiwan four countries and regions of the manufacturers occupy, from the competitive landscape, Tyco Electronics, Amphenol, Molex and other 3 foreign-funded enterprises occupy the Chinese mobile communication terminal and digital products micro-miniature precision connector nearly 80% of the market space.