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  • Mechanical properties of the connectors
    Mechanical properties As far as the connection function is concerned, the insertion and extraction force is an important mechanical property. The insertion and extraction force is divided into insert force and pull output (pull force also known as separation), the requirements of the two are different.
  • The handset market of the connector
    The connector is one of the most important devices on the phone, on average, the number of connectors required for each handset reaches 8. According to the CODA study report, during 2010-2015, global smartphone shipments will reach 2.5 billion
  • Consumer Markets for connectors
    Research shows that the market for consumer electronics games, MP3, mobile phones, LCD TVs, digital cameras and other demand-driven, the performance continues to rise. In-stat pointed out that the 2014 global TV set-top box market value will reach $1.3 billion.
  • The direction of connector development
    Connector development should be small (because many products face smaller and lighter development, for the spacing and appearance of the size, height have certain requirements, this product requirements will be more sophisticated
  • Market development of Connectors
    With the rapid growth of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, the telecommunications terminal market and the continuous transfer of global connector capacity to Asia and China, Asia has become the most promising place for the connector market
  • Name of the connector model
    The designation of the connector model is the basis for customer sourcing and manufacturer organization production. In the connector industry at home and abroad, the name of the product model has two ideas: one is the letter code plus the number of methods
  • Related categories of connectors
    Connector product types are somewhat confusing, but technically, there are only two basic ways to divide the connector product categories
  • Benefits of using Connectors
  • Reasons for the use of connectors
    Imagine what would happen if there were no connectors? The circuit is then permanently connected with a continuous conductor, such as the electronic device to be connected to the power supply, must be connected to the ends of the wire
  • The basic meaning of the connector
    Connectors are a part of our electronics engineers ' frequent contact. Its role is very simple: in the circuit is blocked or isolated between the circuit, the bridge between the communication, so that the current flow, so that the circuit to achieve a predetermined function.
  • Production technology of automobile wiring harness
    With the increasing demand for comfort, economy and safety, the variety of electronic products in automobiles is increasing, and the failure rate of the more complex wiring harness of automobile wiring harness increases correspondingly.